COVID-19 Protecting Measures

We would like to inform you that Aelia Collection Suites has taken all the necessary measures to protect its personel and customers from COVID 19.


Following, you can read analytically all the protection measures from COVID 19

  1. Aelia Collection Suites employs two persons. One for the cleaning, laundring and breakfast and another one takes care the outer space. Both of them rarely come in contact with the customer. The maid always wears mask and gloves and also uses chlorine detergents for the house cleaning.
  2. The staff rarely needs to come in contact with the customer. ONLY in special cases. For cleaning, she comes in when the customer is out.
  3. The hotel is disinfected in regular basis by a specialist.
  4. House cleaning is done with chlorine and special detergenets. Also, all the surfaces are cleaned accordingly.
  5. There is a disinfectant in every house, for the customer to use.
  6. Sheets, towels and bathrobes are cleaned at 90 degrees in our professional washing machines.
  7. The breakfast is prepared in the hotel by its personel and it includes already packaged products.
  8. Every swimming pool is cleaned with special filters. Since it is sea salt water, there is no chloriosis. Every swimming pool has its one cleaning system.
  9. There are no common spaces except for the restaurant, which is addressed exclusively to our guests. Every house has its own internal and outer space.
  10. The customer can access the beach through a special door assigned with a special key to every customer to the lodge. The beach is mainly used from the area residents. It is not an organized beach, so the customer has to have his/her own towel. There are no sunbeds.
  11. Responsible for a case are the director and then Skyros Hospital.
  12. The hotel has the sign from Ministry of Tourism, called Health First. You can see it at the bottom of this page.

* Please respect our island, the personel and the space. In these difficult times, we consider that everyone has taken care for his/her own protective measures.

Our goal is to make your stay memorable and enjoyable.
Health First
Health First