UN: The Blue Port in Green Tones

A cooperation of Dr. Konstantina Skanavis, Dean of University of West Attika in Public Health Department and Kyriakos Antonopoulos, President of Skyros Port Fund.

The project has started in 2015 in the port of the island of Skyros, a highly recognized port for its promotion of sustainable marine tourism,  with the goal of creating practical environmental awareness and sustainability. It is a combination of environmental theory and practice.

The port of Skyros has been chosen because it already implements environmental standards, such as a station for counting the atmosphere pollution, as well as the only recycling compressor in a Greek port. It has the best infrastructure and services as a Greek marina and the only Blue Flag for a Greek port. There is gas station at the port for feeding boats directly. Every boat gets a code for shower room, laundry room, fresh water etc. The ports’ services have already won many first prize awards. (visit linariaport.gr)

Few of the international recognitions of this effort are:
  • UN label Blue Port with a shade of Green
  • Blue Flag
  • Member of Transeurope marine
  • Presentations at Universities around the world, such as Japan 2019 (University of Sacred Hearts Tokyo, University of Kyoto, , Rome 2019 (INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TOURISM DYNAMICS AND TRENDS - Unitelma Sapienza)
The project consists of the following actions:
  1. Academy of Environmental Professionals: Summer camps for training on site new generations of educators in the environmental field.
  2. All day Environmental Camp: The goal is to practically train the local community regarding the environment.
  3. Practice: Students’ practice in real conditions, in order to create an environmental identity and profile of Greek and Foreign citizens, to design and applicate programs of environmental communication and education, by gathering data from the practice coming from the port of Skyros. The main goal is to reform human behavior towards the environment.
  4. Tourism Observatory: The tool to observe, analyze and  evaluate all the data coming from the tourism in Skyros. The goal is to build a strategy that makes Skyros sustainable during toutist period.
  5. Maritime Tourism Observatory: This multi awarded tool, that gathers and analyzes all the data in order to evaluate maritime tourism in Skyros, so that it can be applied to other ports and islands. These data are very important for the social and economic development of the island of Skyros, being the subject of study, but also to the other ports and islands.
Awards and Recognitions
  • Gold Award in Education Leaders Award 2018 in the field community connections
  • 1st Tourism Award 2019 for the first and only port with blue flag
  • 1st Tourism Award for the creation of Maritime Tourism Observatory
  • 2019 Public Speaker for Climate Change on the world platform in the UN, in New York (selected among 7.000 applicants)
  • 1st prizes 2017 for video production for zero waste awareness
  • Recognition of Skyros Project from NAMEPA (North American Marine Protection Association)
  • Gold Tourism Award for the Initiative for the Environment Protection
  • Gold Award for the Category Organization and Process Innovation - Environmental Public Sector in Environmental Awards 2016
  • 1st prize for the most popular video Film4Climate Global Video Competition, Climate Change Summit
  • 1st prize for the category Minimal Waste and 1st prize for the video, voted from the people, I live Green, of the European Environmental Organization 2018
  • Silver Award in the category Management of Solid and Liquid Waste Environmental Awards 2015
  • GREEN PORT CRUISE AND CONGRESS in Oslo 2019: Showcase of Skyros – International Recognition of making small ports sustainable
  • Presentation at EU in Brussels in the Conference “Sustainable Mobility as a Driver for Economic Growth in European islands”
The port of Skyros, or Linaria, is a port model with many awards. It is the first port in Greece with a Blue Flag and a member of the Transeuropean Port.

It is an example and model for its "green" way of operation, as well as the services it offers as a marina. Together with the University of Western Attica, they apply environmental standards, such as the Maritime Tourism Observatory. More on the Skyros Project.

The port has a recycling compressor, oil recycling, a particulate pollution meter and full anti-pollution equipment.It is the most complete marina in Greece. It has 10 showers and 2 WCs. WiFi, Cinema, boat water, as well as Shell gas station for boat service.

The port of Skyros has been awarded worldwide as a model of marina and eco-port, and is invited to world conferences to present its successful action and applications.
3 Greek Islands were recognized in 2018 at Top Green Destinations: Sifnos, Skyros and Folegandros.

Skyros continues to strive to be recognized as an ecological worldwide destination  and harmonizes the environment with tourism.

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  • The largest Mavropetritis colony
  • The largest Hydrovatis colony
  • One of the most important marine bird important areas (IBA) in Greece
  • A very rich flora with several narrow endemic and endemic species
  • The endemic lizard of Skyros
  • The migratory birds of Skyros
  • The seagrass meadows of Posidonia
  • The unique landscape of Kohylas in southern Skyros
  • The special cultural heritage
  • The particular agricultural biodiversity, which is even included in the national list of protected varieties from genetic erosion
  • The wetlands and archaeological sites of the island
  • The Skyrian Horse
  • Maple and unique Wildflowers
  • Folk art products

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